School Life

At St Christopher's we encourage our pupils to be active members of the community and provide opportunities for them to develop their leadership and teamwork skills. 

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School Council

Our School Council meets once every two weeks. Each class elects two representatives, one boy and one girl, who attend the meetings for that year. We meet at lunch time to any issues raised by the children. Each class has their own suggestion box for pupils to use and the bring these along to the meetings.

The School Council supports the school in various areas:

  • Suggesting and running school events such as St Christopher's Got Talent
  • Run charity fundraisers and identify what charities they would like to support
  • Work closely with the Parents' Association to support their events and initiatives
  • Proposing school developments such as implementing school colours into aspects of the facilities

Roles of Responsibility

Democratic values underpin so much that we do. Children who are about to begin Year 6 stand for election for posts of responsibility like Head Boy/Girl, House-Captain, Charity Monitor or Conservation Prefect. They make an election speech to the whole school setting out their ideas and principles and are elected by secret ballot.

Children feel confident that they are listened to and that their ideas make a real difference. Our children work with teachers, parents and School Governors to constantly improve the school.

House System

Our House system offers the chance for children to work collaboratively across age groups. Likewise, we structure our break and lunch times so that older pupils are able to interact with younger children. This provides positive role models to our younger pupils, and importantly gives older members of the School an opportunity to be responsible. All of our children interact incredibly positively, but it is a wonderful example to see our Year 6 pupils reading to our Reception children in the afternoons, break and lunch times, emphasising the family feel that we enjoy at St Christopher’s.