Passing in all areas, October 2023

Our school is an accredited Member of the Independent Schools Association. Therefore, the school is inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) a Department for Education approved and monitored regulatory body. It is the Independent Schools’ equivalent to OFSTED.

The school was last inspected in October 2023, being one of the first schools in the country to be visited under the new inspection framework. We were delighted that the inspectors found both our provision and pupil outcomes to be strong, with all school standards meeting the passing requirements. We were also found to have complete compliance in all schools’ regulations. Please read the attached report.

Inspection Report, 2023

On reading the report, you should be aware that the new framework no longer provides an overall one-word judgement. This innovative model of inspection prioritises outcomes for the individual child rather than an overall statement for the school. Reports are not allowed to contain effusive and elaborate language. Even with these constraints, we still feel that the inspectors have captured a large part of our school's essence, and as always, we are pleased that there were not any areas that failed to meet the required standards (standards are recorded as either ‘met’ or ‘unmet’).

The big winners from this evaluation will always be the children - at St Christopher’s Prep School & Nursery we will continue to develop our education in line with the ever changing world, and our ambition remains to provide every pupil in the school a relevant, challenging and enjoyable journey through their school years.

The school was also inspected in May 2016 for a Compliance Inspection which focussed on how the school meets the 8 key areas of Independent Schools Regulations. We are proud to announce that the school met all points of compliance in full.

Compliance Report

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