11+ Exam Preparation:

Our curriculum at St Christopher's School is specifically geared towards preparing pupils for the 11+ exam. Our teaching in English and Maths is heavily influenced by the Independent Schools Examining Board curriculum, which we believe is more challenging and geared to 11+ exam criteria. 

The 11+ system allows our pupils to gain multiple offers from different Senior Independent Schools and then make their choice. Unlike a large Independent School, we do not channel students to just one Senior School. Our pupils and our parents have choice. Furthermore, we challenge our pupils with an advanced curriculum which allows pupils to perform far in advance of age-related expectations.

We also teach and practise exam skills through standardised tests and ISEB exams as well as verbal reasoning and non verbal reasoning tests. Finally our assessment system is based on standardised scores which track each student’s ability and indicate how they have exceeded the expected national standard. We expect most of our students to exceed the expected national standard.

Find out more about our results and destinations here:

Results and Destinations

Additional skills

We also need to equip our pupils with the social skills and values they will need in these future high-performing Secondary schools. These values include:

  • Moral Conduct
  • Self Esteem
  • Resilience
  • Communication
  • Co-operation
  • Independent Learning

These are values and aptitudes that become hard wired by adulthood and give our pupils the ability to succeed in life.

That’s our secret. We don’t only want to be measured by our academic success for its own sake. At St Christopher’s School, we aim to develop the foundations and skills for all the eventualities and opportunities life will bring.

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