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Excellence and the pursuit of a life-long joy of learning.

Our Aims
Our Vision

At St Christopher’s we strive for excellence in everything. Excellence in academic attainment and progress. Excellence in personal development.

Our ISI Inspection Report in May 2019 found us to be excellent in all areas of the school:

“The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent.”

“The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent.”
“Children in Early Years make excellent progress.”

“Pupils’ excellent social skills result from staff who give pupils constant opportunities to work together and share ideas with each other.”

Independent Schools Inspectorate May 2019.


Through a rich variety of experience the children can:

  • Develop a sense of responsibility, care, consideration and respect towards themselves and others
  • Develop lively and enquiring minds
  • Develop academically to the best of their ability
  • Learn to respect religions and moral values and celebrate the diversity of people, religions and ways of life
  • Acquire knowledge and develop relevant life skills in an ever changing world

Our vision is simple but unique: It is to provide an educational environment which has all the advantages of a small, nurturing family atmosphere and which also achieves the very highest academic standards. We want to give each individual child the opportunity to develop to their highest potential within a caring and supportive social setting.

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We have limited spaces remaining for Reception entry in September 2022.

If you would like to find out more about Reception at St Christopher’s please email us at admin@stchristophersschool.org.uk  or call us on 020 8902 5069.