“Children in the EYFS make excellent progress from their starting points and typically leave the Reception year having fulfilled at lease age-related expectations, with the minority of children exceeding these due to the effective teaching that they receive. In the current academic year the majority of children in EYFS have exceeded age-related expectations”. ISI Inspection report 2019

Our Nursery is housed in a beautifully light, airy and spacious setting. The rooms are cosy and welcoming and the children have plenty of room to move around and engage with each other. There is also a good range of activities so the children feel free to participate but don’t feel overwhelmed. Our Early Years’ team consists of highly qualified and well-trained practitioners, all of whom are committed to ensuring that the children have the best possible start to their education.

For children aged between 2 and 4, we follow a curriculum that not only covers all aspects of the Early Years’ Foundation Stage comprehensively, but also goes beyond it. At St Christopher’s Nursery, we ensure pupils are ready to embrace each and every opportunity that will come their way during future years at the school. Children learn through a combination of teacher-initiated and child-led activities and, of course, play! Our stimulating and caring environment ensures children feel secure and valued. This exceptionally friendly and nurturing setting makes the transition from home to school as easy as possible.

Our four most important points of focus in the nursery and pre-school years are socialisation, confidence, literacy and numeracy.

Children will be given the chance to meet a range of experienced teachers and early learning practitioners, and older pupils will spend time with them to participate in various activities such as reading, cooking and outdoor learning. Our varied curriculum focuses on enjoying the wonderful world of stories, books and literature. There is also a huge range of other fun activities including music, sports, drama, yoga, Spanish, Gujarati, Urdu, balance and movement and cooking. The idea here is to make the transition from the Pre-School to Reception as seamless as possible and, when it is time for them to move on, they will have the essential tools for a more formal education. The children are happy and confident to move up into the school, as they already very familiar with the environment and the teachers.

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