“Wembley News” early in 1928

St Christopher’s School was founded in 1928 and was originally a Christian Foundation. It was started in response to the increase in population of the Wembley District which grew from 16,000 in 1921 to around 40,000 in 1930. This was due to the new Metropolitan Railway which caused a swathe of new residential dwellings to be built.

Many of the new families living here included children and although the local Council did its best to cope, it could not build new schools fast enough, and a number of private schools were opened.







Among the advertisements for these in the “Wembley News” early in 1928 was a notice: ‘Pupils may now be enrolled for the half-term from MARCH 1st’ for St. Christopher’s Preparatory School and Kindergarten.


Since that time, a preparatory school has existed on the same site. There have been many improvements and extensions to the building throughout the years which now provides a large hard surfaced playground, ICT room and library, medical room, EYFS outdoor area and canopy, a main hall and 7 classrooms.





We have a wonderful archive of past photographs and documents. See for yourself below.

‘Wembley park School- St. Christopher’s Prize draw’

Teaching rhythm in singing’









End of term concerts at Wembley- St. Christopher’s School’