The care of the children at St Christopher’s is of paramount importance to us.

Pastoral Care refers to the atmosphere of care that prevails within the school community. It can also be defined as the summation of the school’s endeavour to educate within the academic, social and value dimensions of the school and the quality of personal relationships that exist within it.

Pastoral Care cannot be restricted to a particular programme or curriculum and involves all members of the school community. Ultimately Pastoral Care is an expression of the philosophy and vision of the school.

A critical facet of life at our school, is the pastoral care of the students.

The pastoral guidance provided by our staff aims for pupils to be caring, considerate and respectful.

Quote from our latest ISI INSPECTION May 2013

The contribution of arrangements for pastoral care is excellent.  The pastoral guidance provided by the school fulfils its aim for pupils to be caring, considerate and respectful.  Across all aspects of the school’s life, staff provide exemplary pastoral support for pupils; consequently, pupils feel recognised as unique individuals, whose cultural heritages are valued and celebrated. In the EYFS, staff form strong bonds with the children and promote high standards of behaviour and harmonious relationships. Throughout the school, relationships between pupils and staff, and amongst the pupils themselves, are excellent and form the foundation of both the ethos in the school and its quality of care.”