ICT is an important tool in a child’s future.

Children have a scheduled weekly lesson with the ICT teacher who plans lessons in consultation with the class teacher, to deliver a seamless link with topics and subjects from the classroom.   All children in the school are taught using iPads and Apple interactive TVs as well as standard computers.   Lessons begin from Reception where the children learn iPad control, mouse control and basic key board skills. As they progress through the school, they learn how to use a variety of apps and software packages to further develop their skills. Examples of areas of work covered include  film making, book creating, researching, Data Handling, Databases, Control, Spreadsheets, Slide Presentation, Graphic Modelling and basic Coding/programming using different software/apps ( Beeboot, Daisy Dinosaur, Light Boot Hour,  Tynker, Apple Playgrounds, Hour of Code and others ). Children also learn how to use the internet for independent research.

We take internet safety very seriously and we teach internet safety SMART rules in every year Group.

Class teachers take children into the ICT room at other times to build on these skills and to enrich lessons according to need using the interactive whiteboard and PCs.

All our computers have stringent filters to ensure that material is appropriate and e-safety is part of the ICT curriculum.