We would like to congratulate our students in Year 6 on their excellent performance in their 11+ exams in 2019-20.  They worked incredibly hard and were rewarded with offers from multiple schools as well as two academic scholarships.

Our students have, once again, gained places at a range of prestigious Independent Schools including Merchant Taylors’, Aldenham School, John Lyon, Notting Hill and Ealing, St Margaret’s School, North London Grammar School, The Royal Masonic School, St Helen’s School, Northwood College, St John’s, St Benedict’s, Mill Hill County and North London Collegiate.

Last year, children in Year 6 also attained excellent 11+ exam results with one in four children gaining a scholarship at an Independent School or a place at a competitive Grammar School.   Furthermore, over the past 6 years, pupils at the school have achieved a total of 21 academic scholarships, 7 music scholarships and 2 sports scholarships.

St Christopher’s School tracks attainment and progress through the use of Standardised tests and Independent School Examining Board tests.   Our pupil Standardised Scores and our historic SATs grades are second to none and place the school at the highest level of achievement in Pupil Attainment.   Our ISI Inspection Report in 2019 found academic attainment and progress to be excellent across the school.   Please see our Inspection and Accreditation page for the full report.