Concerts & Performances at St Christopher’s
Music transcends everything. All of us can experience and make it in some form. As well as the obvious joy that music brings to both listeners and performers, it can be an outlet for emotion and creativity, allowing thoughts and feelings to be explored.

At St. Christopher’s, we aim to bring the magic of music to the widest possible audience through a range of media. The majority of our many extracurricular groups and trips are selected according to ability rather than age.

It is our primary aim to ensure that Music in our school is enjoyable yet structured and creative. In order to be a successful musician, one must foster a passion and we believe that this is best nurtured at a young age. All pupils are given the opportunity to try learning an instrument. Many then go on to take regular lessons throughout their stay at St. Christopher’s. Singing is an important part of class music lessons throughout the school and the majority of pupils are involved in our school choir.

Our Music teacher showcases her range of specialisms including composition, performance, musicology and musical theatre.

Each class participates in music lessons, three times a week where singing, listening, musical composition, percussion, rhythm and pitch are taught as part of the curriculum.

Our summer and Christmas Concerts involve all children from Reception to Year 6. here they have the opportunity to sing, act and entertain family and friends. Our Summer production is usually presented at Wembley Stadium Learning Zone. In the past, the children have showcased outstanding productions. Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat, Oliver, Wind in the Willows and Christingle Rock are to name but a few.

>Almost 60% of our pupils play a musical instrument. The children have the advantage of specialist tuition from peripatetic teachers from the age of 6.

The concerts and performances within the school and externally provide an enjoyable and integral part of school life. Specific highlights include a Carol Service, performing in whole school and class assemblies, large Charity concerts as well as singing at the local Nursery home for Christmas. Children also have the opportunity to perform for the school during our annual Prize Giving ceremony held at the local Church.

“I would teach children Music, Physics and Philosophy; but most importantly Music for the patterns in Music and all the Arts are the keys to learning”