‘Excellence for each individual child’.

‘Pupils’ attainment is well above national age-related expectations’

ISI Inspection Report in May 2019 found us to be excellent and outstanding in all areas of the school.

It is easy to see why. We have small classes of 14 children, on average.  We have excellent teachers, including subject specialists and a teacher-student ratio which large Independent Preps are unable to match.

We have an outstanding track record of achievements at 11+ exams, with half of our students getting offers of places at Grammar Schools or gaining Scholarships in 2019. Furthermore, we challenge our students with an advanced curriculum which allows pupils to perform far in advance of age-related expectations. However, it is the excellence in our pupils’ personal development which makes us better than the large Independent Schools.

We prepare our students with the social skills and values they will need in their future senior schools. These values include:

Moral Conduct
Self Esteem
Independent Learning

These are values and aptitudes that become hard wired by adulthood and give our students the ability to succeed in life.

That’s our secret. We don’t only want to be measured by our academic success for its own sake. At St Christopher’s School, we aim to develop the foundations and skills for all the eventualities and opportunities life will bring.

The school prepares children for 11+ entrance examinations, gaining excellent results. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum which celebrates the ‘Arts’ as well as the important academic subjects. We practice a principle of ‘inclusion’ so that everyone has a chance to participate in sports teams, the choir and school Performances; we believe that every child deserves their place in the spotlight and we achieve this. Our choir is one of the best in London with performances at St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Cathedral and the Royal Albert Hall; children are taught to work with IPads and interactive screens; we have specialist teachers for French, PE and Speech and Drama and Information and Communication Technology.

We value good communication with parents as we realise that working in partnership with them benefits the child’s progress and development. Each child has a home link book where notes and messages can be written between home and school. Parents may take an active role in school activities and are welcome to attend school events and accompany their child on one of the many educational trips.

The best way to see St Christopher’s School is to arrange a personal tour and see the school in action.  We encourage prospective parents to see our outstanding teachers, students and learning environment.  We want to share our success.