Autumn Term 2018-19:

(These dates do not include staff training days -INSET days -)

Start of Term:                          Wednesday 5th September 2018

Half Term:                               22nd October – 26th October 2018

End of Term:                           Friday 14th December 2018

Spring Term 2018-19

Start of Term:                          Tuesday 8th January 2019

Half Term:                               18th February – 22nd February 2019

End of Term:                           Friday 29th March 2019

Summer Term 2018-19:

Start of Term :                          Wednesday 24th  April 2019

Half Term:                               27th May–31st May 2019

End of Term:                           Friday 12th July 2019

(Start of the new academic year will be Wednesday 4th September 2019)