While black history is celebrated year round, Black History Month is marked annually. It recognises and values the inspirational individuals and events that have shaped the black generation. During Black History Month, we remember and celebrate the important people from the past and also those who contribute to and help our society today.

The month of October is Black History Month in the UK, and the teachers planned a series of lessons, activities and assemblies to take place throughout the month to explore this area of the curriculum.

The topics covered and activities included were:    

*Assemblies and lessons

*African stories

*African dance

*Mask-making and African art

*African quilt making

Take a look at what the school have been up to…

Nursery and Reception learnt about the art of quilt making. The children used a range of 2D shapes to create a pattern, then coloured it in using oil pastels.

During a History lesson, the Reception children learnt about the life                                                                                                    of Rosa Parks and the                                                                         significance of                                                                                  the yellow bus.

The Reception children were shown how to use paper to weave a basket for Handa to take her fruits in. The children also learnt how to make necklaces using shapes and colours to create a repeating pattern.

The Early Years class text was ‘Handa’s Surprise’. The Reception children had a go at sequencing the events and then re telling the story in their own words.

The Early Years looked at photos of an African Savannah. They had a go at using rollers to create tones and shades of red, yellow and orange. Once the paint dried, they had a go at creating silhouettes to represent the characters in the story of Handa’s Surprise’.

Year 6 spent time researching Black History inventors and have composed a fact sheet about their chosen inventor and used their art skills to do a portrait of                                                                                                                                                        them using pencil.

Year 1 had a look at African masks- in particular the Tiki mask. They observed carefully how patterns were created, then had a go themselves.

Year 3 spent time learning all about Mary Seacole. They created booklets and posters to show their understanding of her life.



Year 4 made posters on the life of Benjamin Zephaniah.

Year 2 looked at famous athletes and created posters of their achievements.

Year 5 spent time learning about the segregation and the civil rights movement.