Art, Humanities, Science and the wider Curriculum

 St Christopher’s School has always placed emphasis on the importance of all subjects in the curriculum.   We believe that the study of the arts, sciences and humanities gives our students the ability to apply higher order thinking and study skills to complex ideas and issues.   We know that the study of these subjects allows us to challenge our higher achieving students.   We also know that it acts as an essential complement to the study of 11+ examinable subjects like English and Maths.

We are one of the very few schools which rigorously assesses attainment and progress in all these subjects, each term.   Our ISI inspection report set out why it found teaching and learning in these subjects to be excellent:

“Pupils across the school exhibit notably strong study skills…  In a history lesson, older pupils engaged in creating battle plans to guard England at the time of King Harold and were able to suggest thoughtful and very developed hypotheses and predictions of what might happen if troops and resources were to be applied in different ways.  The oldest pupils’ independent research (in science) shows pupils’ confident ability to define and recognise fair tests and variables, make hypotheses and record and compare results, and draw very thoughtful, evidence based conclusions.  Books show that pupils’ skills are promoted from EYFS upwards…”

Year 6 have been preparing for their 11+ exams throughout the past term, yet they have also found time to focus on the wider curriculum, like Art and Black History.

For example, Year 6 created some Pop Art drawings of some famous icons in history. They explored the use of dark and light tones and were able to use dark tones composed in a checkerboard of bold colours with black.  Similarly they used light tones with bright colours. The overall effect was a complex balance of colours and tones that reflect the different personalities depicted.  Year 6 also drew a section of an image and put all the sections together to create an enlarged image of Martin Luther King.

Our children also produced an array of striking abstract artwork in the style of Pablo Picasso. They were able to experiment with colour, use geometric and jagged shapes, bright colours and thick black lines to create cubist art-works.

At St Christopher’s School, we strive for excellence in all areas.