The summer term is a time to consolidate and assess the achievements of the past year and also to plan and look forward to the year ahead.   In particular, 2017-18 will be a very exciting year for the school.  We have purchased our first class-set of I-pads and will start a programme to use I-pads in everyday lessons.  In the year ahead, we want our children to be able to use I-pads as naturally as they would use exercise books and text books.   Using the internet and ipad teaching programmes like ‘Padlet’ and ‘Book-creator’ will give students the very best IT technology and resources, including 3-D virtual reality science, geography and history lessons.

In 2018, the school will also have its very first French PGL trip, at ‘Le Pre Catelan’  a converted French chateau in Northern France.   Year 5 and 6 can look forward to a residential trip which will include adventure and team challenges as well as cultural excursions like a trip to a sea-life centre, a World War 2 museum and a French market.

This will be a great opportunity for our students to live in a French-speaking environment.   We also want  to put French language on the centre-stage at St Christopher’s.   We would also like to congratulate Mrs Danielle Morton on her appointment as the new Deputy Headteacher.   Mrs Morton has already brought a wealth of experience to the school when she transferred from St Helen’s School two years ago.   She has been working behind the scenes to plan our new academic year.

Finally, St Christopher’s School will continue its mission and emphasis on preparing students for the 11+ exams through our assessment programme of termly tests, which include maths, reading, extended writing and reasoning tests.   In common with other ILG schools, we believe that this is the best, most effective way to prepare our students for competitive exams in Year 6.    In so doing, we have chosen to avoid over-relying on teacher-assessments.

As an independent school, our biggest advantage is that we are free to focus on what is important to our own students and parents.   We believe we offer a way of teaching and assessment that is more focussed on 11+ exams than the National Curriculum SATs system.   2017-18 will be an exciting year at St Christopher’s School with new resources, new opportunities and a commitment to our core-mission of preparing our students for the best schools in and around London.