2016 has seen a major internal rebuilding project.   Yet we want, above all, to keep the essential aspects of the school unchanged.   We have tried to keep the façade and frontage of the school as it was.   We have also kept to our core values of having small classes and excellent teacher to pupil ratios.

We may even have returned to the way the school once was, as we have reintroduced a nursery.     Above all, our children love their new school building and the sense of positive excitement on our first day of term, on 5th September was very evident.   There will be further developments in the building during the course of the year with a redevelopment of the front garden area and a resurfacing of the rear playground planned.   This is in line with Inspired Learning Group’s commitment to investing in the resources and building of all its four schools.  It’s an exciting time for the school.